About the artist

Dutch selftought artist Engelbert (Eartist) wanted to combine 2 worlds. ICT | IT and art. After a few years of experimenting with different artforms he found it in july 2016. After seeing a circuitboard from an old computer he was hooked. The lines from the prints were all different and were making an artwork on a printplate itself. Engelbert made several years handmade sculptures and drawings and the connection was quickly made.  

After working out the idea it took a long time to find out which kind of equipment he could use. Art is an exploration! He found out which stone he could use and what kind of materials were necessery for sculpting and working out his idea. The way he makes the artwork now is stunning according to others. It looks if nature and IT is combined. It looks almost alien. Several people let there fantasy run wild and say that over a few thousend years these are the remains of the human technology just like prehistoric drawings in caves. The materials used are several types of stones with acrilyc paint. The combination of these 2 items are seldom done by artists. And combining the two different worlds (ICT | IT and stonesculpting) in one artwork is unique. After searching on the internet and asking in the Art -and IT world it was clear that he is the first artist in the world who works like this.